Samantha Martin
Headwaters Arts Festival 2018 with Chuck Keeping, James Legere and Sam Carothers
With Bruce Ley
Preachin’ The Blues
Culture Days 2018 Show @ Westminster Church Orangeville
Ryan McNally
Rob MacDonald – Rob Lutes
Raoul Bhaneja
Linda & Josh Leitch
Jeff Davis – Playing With Fire Festival – Nebraska
Marco Salazar – Costa Rica
Brian Blain 2018
Gary Skin – Festival Operations
Conor Gains
Murray Kinsley

Kat Kings
MP Sylvia Jones Minister of Health, Deputy Premier
Sugaray Rayford
Spencer MacKenzie
Soul Collective
Taylor/Kurtz Eruption
Paul Reddick Band
Paul Reddick – Jay Kipps
Quisha Went
Pete Rack – Owner Black Wolf Smokehouse
Sitting in with Paul Deslauriers Band
Sitting in with Paul James
Larry Kurtz & The Lawbreakers with Lisa Hutchinson 2018
Paul James
Paul Deslauriers Band
Paul Deslauriers
Paul Deslauriers
Olde Beginnings Art Show – Soulyve Orangeville

Murray Kinsley
Mo Kauffey
Mike Fitzpatrick
Matt Weidinger
Mark Grice
Mark Crissenger
Lil Ed
Last Waltz Celebration
Kurt Wolf
Kim Mason Le Riche
Johnny Maxx
Sitting in with Jimmy D Lane
Jimmy D Lane
Jerome Avis [Godson of Levon Helm]
With James Anthony
James Anthony
Jake Del Grande – Ricky Schade
Jack de Keyzer
Heather Katz
Jim Waddington, David Rotundo, Michael Pickett, Nick Harding
Manitoba Hal
Sitting in with Guy Davis
Festival MC Doug Kennedy
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar
Wayne Buttery – Dennis King
Dan McKinnon
Crystal Shawanda
Crystal Shawanda
Chris Nicholl
Chris Antonik
Chris Nicholl
Charlie Cooley trio
Charlie Cooley 2017
Cecile Doo Kinge’
Casey Vann
Trouble & Strife Duo
Larry & Bruce
Bruce Ley
Bruce Ley
Bruce Ley
No Beer fest
Bank Job with Brian Blain 2018
Lengendary manger for The Band – Bill Avis
Ben Racine Band
Angel Forrest Band
Alex Cuba
Me & my Dad Allan
Alan Gerber 2018

Kurtz Family 1980 – I’m in the back row under the 0
Kurtz & Legere
Legendary James Cotton autographed my harp!
My Son Nick and Daughter Amelia
Nancy Stallmach & CJ Hasson at The Ontario Volunteer Awards 2018
My Son Nick & Dad Allan
Brews & Blues
Memephis Blues Challenge 2018
Hobo Surfer
Larry Kurtz & The Lawbreakers
Charlie Cooley
Orangeville Blues & Jazz 2018
Jay Kipps, Paul Reddick, Conor Gains, Spencer MacKenzie, Derek Downam, Lil Ed Williams
Kim Mason Le Riche
Angelina Hunter Trio

2018 Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival
The Sabmobile!
Matt Sobb, Steve Mariner, Tony D
Opening for Lucky Peterson @ Silver Dollar Room around 1999
Blues in the Schools with Little G Weevil
Taylor/Kurtz Eruption
Jim Waddington
Back Room of The Silver Dollar with Mike & Bruce Ley

Larry, Sylvia, David, Rob
Louise & Michael Pickett
Lance Anderson & Johnny Max
Little G Weevil
Kim Wilson 2008
Kevin Mark
John Campbelljohn Band
Fathead 1999
Emilie Claire Barlow
Wayne Buttery
Paul James
Alec Fraser, Mike Daley
Rick Taylor Band
Violet’s Venue

Rob Deyman, & Sylvia Dee

Son in Law Stuart & Son Nick
Blues Booster Of the Year Maple Blues Aawrd
Festival lineup Launch 2017

James Legere
Brian Blain, Dave Menard, Douglas Watson – Southside Shuffle
Tree carver Jim Menkin, Mayor Rob Adams
James Anthony, Douglas Watson, Jim Bruton, Mike Fitzpatrick

Larry In Barrie 2002

Broadway Garden
Brian Slack, Norma Bailey, David Gogo
Wayne Buttery & The Groove Project

My daughter Amelia

Mt Tremblant Blues Festival
Send off for Tim McIntosh – The Edge
Dufferin Museum with Paul James
Maple Blues with John Mays, Johnny Max
Wicked Grin
Murray Kinsley

WC Clarke
Texas Blues Legend – WC Clarke
Wayne Buttery
Sitting in with Victor Wainwright
Christmas In the Park
with The Kat Kings
Kat Kings
Harbour Street Fish Bar
Sylvia Jones, David Tilson, Rob Adams
Suzie Vinnick
Tree Sculpture
Stan Chang & Eric Bruck
with Son Roberts Band
Shannon Butcher

Blue Skies festival – Sam Turton Band
Ryan Grist & Friends, Pat Labarbara, Bradi Disterheft
Mayor Rob Adams
Alec Fraser, Rick Taylor, Gary Craig
Rick Taylor
Maurice Nazaro
Local harp player Paul
with Paul James
Paul James, Jerome Godboo
Guest harp player Patrick
With Pat Rush @ Long & McQuade
Pat Rush, Harpdog Brown, James Legere
Popa Chubby

Larry & Norma
Norma & Larry
Larry & Norma
Norma & Larry
Nicole Robertson
With Mo Kauffey Band
with Manitoba Hal
MacKenzie Blues Band
Lisa Hutchinson Band
Laura Bird – Tim Horton’s Camp Day
Talking harp with Kim Wilson
With Julian Taylor & Murray Kinsley
Author Joseph Boyden
Jon Knight
John Nemeth
John Mays
With John Nemeth
With Jill Barber
Larry & James
With James Anthony Band
With James Legere
Jack DeKeyzer & my painting
Heather Katz
With Harrison Kennedy
Harpdog Brown
With Harpdog Brown
Harp Attack 3 with Michael Pickett, David Rotundo, Lee Oskar
Hal Henry
David Gogo
Garrett Mason
Little G Weevil, Reese Nazaro
with Fraser/Daley
with Frank Koren, Harrison Kennedy, Ray Bonneville, Al Lerman, Rod Williams
Erin McCallum
With Eric Bibb, Michael Jerome Browne, Harrison Kennedy
The legendary Eddy B
Festival MC Doug Kennedy
Doc MacLean & Doc MacLean
Maple Blues Aawards with Derek Andrews
Danny Marks and the Painting i did.
Maple Blues awards – Conor Gains – Kirby Sewell
With Charlie A’Court
Last Waltz Celebration June 2017
Larry & Cecile
With Cecile Doo Kinge’
Carlos DelJunco & Jimmy Bowskill
With Wayne Buttery @ Foodstock
Bruce & Larry
@ Millcreek Pub
Blast Concert Island Lake 2016
Larry & Bruce
Bruce Ley & Myself
With Brian Blain
With Brian Blain
Brian Blain, Suzie Vinnick
With Brandon Isaak
Brandon Isaak & Johnny Max
with Alan Gerber
Alan Gerber
Silver Dollar Room 2001 with Bruce & Mike Ley
Joe & Vicky Price from Iowa
Gigging with Jack DeKeyzer
Club show with David Gogo
Maple Blues Awards with Wicked Grin
The great James Cotton
Black Wolf Jam with Bruce Ley – Nicole Robertson
At Reverend Al Green’s Church in Memphis
With Honey & Rod Piazza
With Harrison Kennedy 2003
Harp Attack 2 with Al Lerman, Roly Platt, Harpdog Brown

With David Gogo
2003 Promo Shot
With Fathead
First Annual Orangeville Festival 2003
With Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley
@ The Black Wolf
Headwaters Tourism Awards
With Alfie Smith
Jammin with Alan Gerber
Alan Gerber

Juno Awards Party – Hockey Hall Of Fame
My son & daughter Nick & Amelia
With Matt York
Ted Gerber – Alan Gerber
Playing with Little Weevil
With Chuck Jackson
Liitte G & Me
In my back porch with Erin McCallum Band
With photographer Jim Waddington
Ronnie Baker Brooks
Trouble & Strife
With Jaymz B & Ryan Grist
With sax great Johnny Ferrierra
Joe & Vicky Price & WC Clarke
With Norma, & Nena Wagner, Chris Cooper
Tim Hortons Camp Day with Bruce Ley
Me & Little G Weevil
Headwaters Arts Awards
With John Campbelljohn Band
With Danny Marks
With Garrett Mason
With Julian Fauth
With Alan Gerber & Doug Kennedy